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Senior Application Developer / Team Lead

ANC Business Solution is looking to hire a senior application developer with high caliber to lead a team of software developers, deliver business-critical projects, manage the day-to-day activities and ensure all team targets are met as per KPI’s and organizational objectives.


⦿  Receiving requests for new projects and modifications to existing projects.
⦿  Controlling all stages of the development life cycle, including initial  analysis, implementation, integration, testing, debugging, data validation, and support
⦿  Drafting analytical reports on user requirements and new task requirements and their impact on the internal workflow
⦿  Designing modules by dividing the user requirements into submodules, assigning submodules to software developers to proceed with programming the modules, and setting timeframes for task completion
⦿  Ensuring that all aspects of the project are completed as planned
⦿  Receiving user feedback and data modification requests, solving bugs, and handling client complaints
⦿  Administrating the company’s internal applications/portals/websites,performance tracking, and problem-solving
⦿  Staying up-to-date with the latest software development technologies and methodologies to develop internal work
⦿  Coaching, guiding, and providing regular feedback to the team to enable successful outcomes
⦿  Being a liaison between the team, the management, and the business unit


Qualifications & Work Experience

⦿  Bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably with a computer science or engineering background
⦿  5+ years of relevant experience
⦿  Solid experience below
        ✓  Client-side development (Angular, React)
        ✓  Web development (ASP.NET, MVC, C#)
        ✓  DB concepts and tools (Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL databases,     PostgreSQL)
        ✓  NET Framework (.NET, .NET Core)
        ✓  Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts, techniques, principles,    analysis, and design
        ✓  Design patterns
        ✓  Data processing and handling various types and sizes of documents and media
        ✓  Object Related Mapping (ORM)

⦿  Below experience will be an advantage
        ✓  WordPress
        ✓  Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
        ✓  Video processing
        ✓  Cloud computing

Job Behavioral Competencies

⦿  Verbal & written communication skills in English
⦿  Leadership & interpersonal communication skills with inspiring attitude
⦿  Professional ethics
⦿  Adaptability and flexibility
⦿  Commercial awareness
⦿  Analytical thinking
⦿  Accuracy and attention to detail
⦿  Time and stress management skills
⦿  Problem-solving skills
⦿  Positive, proactive, and collaborative attitude
⦿  Passionate and continuous learner
⦿  Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on the company’s success.